Mega Animated Announcement Bar

Engage customers with customizable scrolling announcements. Share important messages effortlessly.

Mega Confetti Effects

Add festive joy and excitement to shopping! Delight customers with dynamic confetti effects.

Mega Content Protector

Preserve your content with enhanced anti-theft measures. Safeguard your hard work effortlessly.

Mega Emoji Tab Animation

Recover lost customers and prevent cart abandonment by using captivating tab icons and animations.

Mega Animated Cursor Effects

Elevate your store’s appeal with captivating Animated Cursor Effects. Engage customers and stand out.

Mega Age Verification

Ensure legal compliance and build trust with seamless age verification for age-restricted products.

Mega Seasonal Effects

Enhance and Enchant: Captivating Seasonal Animations for Shopping.

Mega Cart Button Animator

Elevate sales, engage customers, and drive conversions with captivating Add to Cart animations.

Mega Text Animations

Engage customers using Captivating Dynamic Text Animations. Enhance storefront to maximize CTR.

Mega Stock Counter

Supercharge sales with stock countdowns. Create urgency, drive conversions, and maximize revenue.

Mega External Links Button

Seamlessly link products to external listings for enhanced visibility and wider customer access.

Mega Terms and Conditions

Boost trust and compliance by adding a “Terms and Conditions” checkbox directly to your cart.

Mega Block Spacer

Control your shop’s vertical spacing effortlessly. Enhance your shop’s layout with precision.

Mega Free Shipping Bar

Promote free shipping, boost sales, and motivate customers to buy more with progressive messages.