At Mega Profit Apps, we’ve been on a tear lately with launching new apps on the Shopify App Store. In just the last six months, our team successfully launched 19 new apps for Shopify merchants.

With that many app launches under our belt recently, we’ve had to stay on top of our marketing game to give each new app the best possible chance for success. We’ve learned much about what it takes to drive awareness, installs, and growth in the Shopify ecosystem.

Follow this battle-tested marketing checklist we’ve developed to maximize your new app’s visibility and fuel its growth after launch on the Shopify App Store:

  1. Leverage App Store Listing Optimization Your app’s listing page on the Shopify App Store is your virtual storefront. Ensure you have an engaging app logo, clear descriptions of the app’s core value proposition and key benefits, professional screenshots, and a demo video, if applicable. Utilize all available fields and optimize with relevant keywords that merchants use to find an app like yours.
  2. Ramp Up Social Media Promotion
    If you haven’t already, create dedicated social media accounts for your app on networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Announce the new app launch and start building an audience by sharing updates, sneak peeks, usage tips, and other engaging content. Be sure to join and participate in relevant Shopify groups/communities too.
  3. Explore Partnership Opportunities Look into co-marketing opportunities by contacting complementary apps, Shopify brands/influencers, and other potential partners. This could include cross-promotions, product bundles, joint webinars/content, or other creative collaborations to increase exposure.
  4. Focus on Content Marketing Develop a content plan with a mix of blog posts, tutorials, case studies, and other resources that provide clear value to your target merchants. Optimize this content with SEO best practices and promote it across your channels to drive high-quality traffic to your website and app listing.
  5. Invest in Paid Acquisition While organic efforts are important, paid advertising can accelerate traction. Research and test paid campaigns on Google Ads, social media advertising, Shopify app recommendations engine, and other relevant paid channels. Find the right merchants with laser-targeted campaigns.
  6. Directly Engage with Merchants Don’t just wait for merchants to find you. Identify your ideal customer profile and directly engage with them on forums, online communities, their websites/stores, at events, and any other opportunities. Listen to their needs and demonstrate how your app can provide value.
  7. Embrace App Store Optimization
    Just like search engines, the Shopify App Store ranks and recommends apps based on complex algorithms. Regularly monitor and optimize elements like your titles, descriptions, visual assets, reviews/ratings and other factors that impact visibility.
  8. Analyze and Iterate Frequently review performance metrics, customer feedback, marketing analytics and more. Continuously experiment and double down on what’s working. An agile mindset of constant iteration will be crucial for sustained growth.

The launch is the starting point, not the destination. Smart and consistent marketing will determine where your app’s journey goes from there.

The launch is only the beginning. Consistent, strategic marketing efforts that focus on visibility, education and demonstrating clear value will be key to driving app installations from merchants on Shopify. Trust us, we know – we just did it 19 times in the last 6 months alone!

We hope this checklist provides a helpful framework as you navigate your own app marketing journey post-launch. Installing the right processes and putting in the dedicated work really does pay off when it comes to app growth on Shopify.

Of course, we’re always iterating on our own strategies too. If you have any other tips to share from your app launch marketing experiences, we’d love to hear them! Best of luck out there.

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