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At Mega Profit Apps, we believe that collaboration is key to success in the Shopify app ecosystem. By joining forces with fellow app developers, we can amplify our reach, cross-promote our offerings, and provide enhanced value to our shared customer base.

Our Partnership Program offers four exciting collaboration options:

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Website Listing Partnership

Increase your app’s visibility by being featured as a trusted and recommended partner on our website. In return, we’ll get listed on your website, ensuring mutual exposure to our respective audiences.

App Back-Office Cross-Promotion

Take your partnership to the next level by having your app listed in the dedicated “Partners” section within the back-office of our apps. This prime real estate ensures your app is front and center for our existing user base, opening up cross-selling opportunities.

Social Media Collaboration

Leverage the power of social media by collaborating on joint posts and content sharing across our social media channels. This approach allows us to tap into each other’s networks, expanding our reach and amplifying our marketing efforts.

Comprehensive Partnership Package

Maximize your app’s potential by opting for our Comprehensive Partnership Package. This all-inclusive collaboration option combines the benefits of website listing, app back-office promotion, and social media collaboration, taking your exposure and growth to new heights.


Benefits of Partnering with Mega Profit Apps:

Cross-Selling Opportunities

 Drive additional revenue streams by promoting your app to our existing user base.

Strengthened Brand Reputation

Associate your brand with a trusted name in the Shopify app ecosystem.

Increased Exposure

Gain visibility to our extensive customer base and tap into new potential markets.

Mutual Growth

By supporting each other's success, we can collectively thrive and contribute to the growth of the Shopify app community.

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Together, we can unlock mutual growth, cross-promotion benefits, and shared success within the Shopify ecosystem.

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