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When you’ve put considerable effort into creating original content, discovering that someone has stolen it can be extremely frustrating. It is especially critical in search engines, where duplicate content can significantly harm your SEO score. Unfortunately, online content theft remains a persistent issue. Hence, it’s crucial to have a strategy to protect your content.

What is online plagiarism?

Before addressing prevention and response strategies for content theft, let’s define the idea of online plagiarism or content copying. Online plagiarism occurs when your social media or website content is copied and published on another organization’s channels. It could involve any type of content, from a viral TikTok video promoting your products to an in-depth guide on customer service automation software for new clients.

There are always individuals who prefer using your content over creating their own. The main consequences of online plagiarism are:

  1. SEO damage: Search engines prioritize unique, original content. If another website uses your exact text, it could outrank you, negatively impacting your SEO score.
  2. Traffic loss: Your content drives users to your website. If copied, users might visit multiple sites with the same content, diverting traffic to competitors’ websites.
  3. Search engine sanctions: Duplicate content may signal to search engines that you’re not publishing unique material, potentially subjecting your site to search filtering aimed at rooting out copyright violations.

How to protect your content from being copied

  1. Try anti-theft apps: Special applications like the Mega Content Protector enable you to easily protect your hard work with advanced anti-theft features, ensuring your originality and intellectual property stay secure. This powerful application is the perfect solution for all Shopify merchants, regardless of their industry. Mega Content Protector prevents unauthorized copying by disabling right-click menus, context menus, drag-and-drop functionality, and keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Detect content theft: Use search engines like your target audience does to manually check for copied content or employ tools like Google Alerts to get notified when your content appears on other sites.
  3. Contact the infringer (politely): Once you identify stolen content, contact the infringing site politely. They might be unaware of the violation, especially, if using a third-party agency.
  4. Escalate the issue: If the initial contact is unsuccessful, follow up with a firmer message outlining potential legal actions or the search engine claims process.
  5. Reach out to search engines: If direct resolution fails, report the issue to search engines. Gather clear evidence to support your claim. Note that search engines rarely remove duplicate content directly due to the challenge of verifying ownership.
  6. Utilize legal protection: Content theft violates copyright laws and damages your business by affecting search engine rankings. Use legal avenues, like a DMCA notice of infringement, to report and resolve copyright violations.
  7. Restrict text copying: Proactively protect your content by restricting text copying through CSS code or making your content uniquely tied to your business, which complicates duplication without significant edits.
  8. Safeguard images and videos: Protect visual content with watermarks or copyright symbols. For videos, use encryption or specific playback software to prevent unauthorized downloading and screen recording. Additionally, use IPTC Core metadata to assert ownership and protect your brand style.

By implementing these strategies, you can better protect your original content from online theft and attract more customers by increasing your online presence.


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