your essential tool for establishing trust, ensuring legal compliance, and safeguarding your brand's reputation when selling age-restricted products.

Mega Age Verification is a powerful Shopify app seamlessly integrates with your existing store, empowering you to effortlessly implement robust age verification processes directly within your storefront. By preventing unauthorized sales, you not only protect your business from potential legal repercussions but also build confidence with your customers, demonstrating your commitment to responsible retailing.

Mega Age Verification goes beyond simple compliance; it prioritizes both your brand’s integrity and the customer experience. Easily customize the age verification pop-up to seamlessly match your brand’s unique visual identity, ensuring a cohesive and professional shopping journey for your customers. Choose between versatile verification methods, including simple yes/no confirmation or birthday entry options, to best suit your specific needs and preferences. With quick and intuitive setup requiring no coding skills, you can have Mega Age Verification up and running in no time, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your age-restricted products are being sold responsibly, legally, and with the utmost care for your customers’ trust.

Our Best Features

User-friendly verification methods

including yes/no and birthday entry options.

Responsive and customizable design

allowing you to match the pop-up to your brand's visual identity

Seamless integration with your Shopify store

requiring minimal effort to get started

Effortlessly establish age verification processes

ensuring legal compliance and enhancing trust with customers

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What is Mega Age Verification?

Mega Age Verification is a Shopify app designed to ensure legal compliance when selling age-restricted products. It seamlessly integrates with your store, allowing you to easily verify the age of your customers before they can purchase restricted items.

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How does Mega Age Verification work?

The app presents a customizable pop-up to customers, prompting them to verify their age. You can choose between a simple yes/no confirmation or have customers enter their birthdate for verification.

Is Mega Age Verification easy to set up?

Absolutely! The app requires no coding skills and can be quickly set up within your Shopify admin panel.

Can I customize the look of the age verification pop-up?

Yes, you can easily tailor the pop-up's appearance to match your brand's visual identity, ensuring a consistent customer experience.

How does Mega Age Verification benefit my store?

  • Legal Compliance: Ensures you meet legal requirements for selling age-restricted products.
  • Customer Trust: Demonstrates your commitment to responsible retailing and builds trust with your customers.
  • Brand Reputation: Protects your brand image by preventing underage sales
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Provides a seamless and user-friendly age verification process

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, Mega Age Verification offers a 3-day free trial for the Pro Monthly and Pro Annual plans. Additionally, it is free for all partner development stores

In what languages is Mega Age Verification available?

The app is currently available in English and Spanish.

How can I get started with Mega Age Verification?

You can install Mega Age Verification directly from the Shopify app store and begin setting up your age verification process in minutes.

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